Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another successful preschool outing on the city bus

We’ve had a surprisingly dry winter here in Seattle but this morning it was raining.  I asked my daughter if she still wanted to take the bus and she didn’t hesitate one bit, she was game.

Sophie KittyToday was a “show and tell” day for at preschool and she had selected her favorite kitty Sophie to show to the class.   Sophie is a “furreal” friend.  A mechanical cat that looks and sounds pretty much like a real cat.  We generally don’t allow it to leave the house as it freaks people out, but today was special.  So Sophie, my daughter and I packed up for the city bus.

Slug on the sidewalkJust like last time the walk to the bus stop was the most exciting part of the trip.  While we didn’t find any money today we did find a tiny slug which captured her imagination for quite some time at the bus stop.  So much so she really wanted to take it home.  After getting slug goo all over our hands we boarded our bus, driven again by Michael.

This bus was the latest bus I’ve ridden so far.  It was 17 minutes late.  According to my handy iPhone app which can track the buses via GPS the next bus was behind it only by 2 minutes.  I asked Michael what the deal was and he claimed there was a bunch of construction traffic he ran IMG_3822into.  While we got to preschool on time I could imagine this being very stressful if your counting on the bus to get you to an appointment.  Michael said they have a saying “We might not be on time, but we will be safe”.

Bussing to preschool is quickly becoming a thing my daughter looks forward too and I’m really excited to share with her the notion that a car is just one of many ways we can get around.


  1. Looks like you've got an adventusome girl there. Makes for quality dad/daughter time too. Not as easy to chat with the child in a car seat in the back and dad fighting traffic. Good going!! <3

  2. Reliability and consistency is the biggest factor in my decision as to whether to take the city bus or the university bus to work. I actually have 5 bus options close to my house--2 university bus routes and 3 city bus routes.

    When taking the city bus, if I have a critical meeting or event at which I need to be, I will take the bus a half hour (that's the interval in which they come) before the one that would get me there on time. That way if it's running late or I miss it, I'm still able to catch the next one.

    The university buses run every 10 minutes or so, and because their interval is shorter, they can't get as far behind, so I often use that option when I want to get somewhere in between the city bus intervals, particularly if I've just missed one of the city buses and it's going to be another 30 minutes before the next one arrives.